January 28th, 2007

Technology woes

I upgraded the driver for my Hauppauge PVR-150, which also required a kernel upgrade. So everything is now the latest & greatest. I had to delete all my channels and re-add them. Even worse, the new driver doesn't lock onto the same frequencies as the old driver... previously I could use the frequency table that UPC publishes, but I had to tweak quite a few channels. The really bad part is that for some reason recording only works if I do it when watching TV... not when I schedule it.

Debugging now. :(

The other bit of technology pain is a friend's laptop, which had a bit of apple juice spilled on it. The screen no longer functions. I spent a bit of time disassembling the laptop yesterday. IBM is awesome... complete instructions on how to do it are online. Today I'll try to put it back together. I don't expect much luck, but you never know! :)