February 8th, 2007

Shopping for chairs in Lansing

I'm visiting Megan in Michigan right now.

We went shopping for a new computer chair for her yesterday. We ended up going to four or five stores, with no success. In most stores they didn't have floor models of all of their chairs. Plus, a lot of the chairs have leather, which is not so great for vegetarians. Overall, something about the strip-mall terrain, fluorescent lighting, despairing staff, and confusingly-varied-yet-strangely-identical stock didn't sit quite right.

I felt a bit like Dante on his guided tour of hell, except with Megan instead of Virgil, and partially crushed boxes instead of heretics trapped in flaming tombs. The poetry probably wasn't as good, but Megan is easier on the eyes than Virgil. I guess it's not so bad really, but I'm afraid I am missing the consumer gene.

The high point of the trip was when we got some spiced cider, and I thought the cinnamon stick was a cookie and bit into it. That wasn't so bad, although I am hoping that Megan will eventually stop reminding me of how stupid I am some day. Good cider though.
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