February 11th, 2007

Talking to Strangers I

One of my new years resolutions was "talk to strangers". I'm kind of shy, so I figured forcing myself to strike up conversations would be a Good Thingtm.

Anyway, yesterday I spent a few hours at Ikea. I was mentally prepared, so it wasn't too bad. ;)

Got a sandwich, an apple pie, and some coffee at the cafe there. Every time I go to the US I take a bunch of American change with me... for some reason I have a ton of it, and my idea is that I'll eventually whittle it away to nothing. So for the $8.72 I pulled out 72 cents (two quarters, a dime, and 12 pennies). I've also been trying to learn guitar. Megan doesn't use a pick, so I've been using my own, and I just happened to have it in my pocket with all this change.

Cashier: "Do you play guitar?"
Me: "No, I'm just learning."
Cashier: "It reminds me of my son. He used to carry a pick. He's in a band."
Me: "I've been staying with a friend, but she doesn't use a pick."
Cashier: "Yeah, my son't band just had a signing party for their first album."
Me: "Really? That is so cool!"

That is so cool. :)