March 24th, 2007

Bad Influence I

I confess, I'm a bad influence. I'm not sure why that is... I'm not really a troublemaker. Yet, people who hang out with me end up doing things they wouldn't otherwise...

I had a great walking tour of Prague yesterday. The tour guide told us the local drinks, like slivovice, becherovka, and of course absinthe. It turns out she had never actually had absinthe.


So we went to Cafe Slavia, and ordered a couple of absinthes. This nice picture here was on the wall, letting us know of the hazards of our experiment.

In the end, we both decided we've had better drinks. Still it could have ended badly. Viva la vie Boheme!

Around the Town in Prague

It was an eventful day in Prague today, as I was wandering about.

Right when I got to town, the lead runner in the Prague half-marathon was just going by. It was the first time I'd seen a run in person, and it was pretty cool.
Some observations:

  • Some people were having way too much fun. (I'm jealous because I never get any of those alleged endorphins when I run.)
  • Runners carry stuff. A drink makes some sense, but people wear jewelry, backpacks, and cameras. One person was actually talking on a cell phone.
  • Not all runners are skinny athletes. I was surprised to see a large number of people with cellulite.
  • There were a lot of Dutch runners. They all wore bright orange shirts. Hup, Holland, hup!!!
  • Other oddities included a person running with their child in a stroller, people with painted faces, one man wearing an Italian flag, a guy running in a suit, a Sikh, and some dude with a crazy hippy beard.

It made me want to strap on my running shoes (safely hidden in my suitcase) and join them.

There was some sort of protest that wandered through the streets. One of the signs said something vaguely like "tolerance", and there were lots of balloons and people with children, so I'm hoping it was a Good Thing, and not people calling for public executions of visiting Americans.

A few hours later, there were some soccer fans, marching and chanting and waving their beers around. It was only a little scary... until the riot police showed up a minute or two later. Then it was a lot scary. I didn't stick around to witness the carnage, I confess. (Germany versus Czech Republic game to decide who gets the top spot in the 2008 Euro Cup... I guess they didn't get all the hooligans.) :(
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