May 25th, 2007

Big Plant

Nathalie's company was throwing away a lot of huge office plants. She thought this was a terrible waste, and also not so nice for the poor plants. So she organized a rescue operation: got a van to carry them to her bike shed, found homes for them, and arranged for people to come and take them to their new lives.

One tricky part of this was how to get one of these huge plants (which are something like 2 meters tall) from Nathalie's bike shed to its permanent home on my terrace. They won't fit in a car, so a taxi was not an option. I don't live on a tram line, but even if I did it would be quite a task getting this plant on and off.

It turns out that the plant does fit in the crate on the front of my bicycle. It's not exactly stable, but if one is careful it actually works.

Nathalie's boyfriend Wietse lent a hand, and we dropped one plant off at Wietse's brother's apartment. Then took another one here. The photo you see here is of the new plant enjoying this morning on my terrace.

I discovered a weird thing during the transportation: people love big plants on bicycles. Everybody smiles when they see a green houseplant bigger than they are cycling through the city. They wave. They point it out to their friends. They let you know how nice your plant is, "mooie plant, hoor!"

I say without any irony that it is nice to be able to bring a little joy into the world, even if you need a embarrassingly large plant to do it.