June 11th, 2007

A Good Time Was Had by All

Well, a good time was had by almost all... those who didn't have fun know who they are! ;)

I had my 35th birthday party last Saturday. Paul took a lot of photos, which you can see at his site:


I'm still recovering a bit... the timestamps on those photos is quite correct, and the party went on a few hours after Paul left to go dancing.

Casualties included:
  • cabinet door handle
  • shoe rack
  • champagne glass
  • ceiling lamp
  • freezer compartment
Most of the damage is repaired, and major cleaning operations are mostly complete.

During the party, we had a hard time keeping the beer cold in the refrigerator, so someone (and you know who you are, Nathalie) had the idea to put them in the freezer to cool quicker. Everyone was concerned they would freeze, but we thought, "of course we'll be really, REALLY careful and remember!" Actually this was almost correct, and someone (maybe also Nathalie, but we're not so sure about that) took all of them out... except for one fiendish beer that hid behind a box of frozen peas and exploded.

So if you visit, any ice cream you have that tastes like beer is strictly accidental, and is not a Dutch delicacy. Yet.

There were also some candles lit. I noticed one that I had forgotten to put out... after I had slept, been out briefly, come home, and been cleaning for an hour or so. Whoops. I am indeed lucky.

Was good to see my friends. Next year maybe something less quiet...