shane_kerr (shane_kerr) wrote,

5 Days of Hard Core Partying

I'm sitting here on the sofa trying to recover a bit from the last 5 nights. The idea was to go to 5 Days Off, and dance from 23:00 until 06:00 every night. It didn't quite go according to plan, but close.

The Scissor Sisters had a concert at the Westergasfabriek last Wednesday, and I went with some friends. Conversation:

"The singer has a great ass. I bet he's gay though."

"I think they're all gay, even the woman."

"Well, I guess that explains why there are so many gay people here."

Of course, it's Amsterdam. There's never any reason for there to be a lot of gay people at a show! In fact, I went to see Björk with Judy last night, and there were a lot more gay people there.

For some reason the crowd wasn't really excited at the Scissor Sisters show, but in the last half hour or so they finally got into it. I don't know why the crowd wasn't so into it, because they were pretty good.

I'm not a huge Björk fan, but she was entertaining, and the crowd was definitely into her. Maybe I'll end up as a fan after all... ;)

Also in the Westergasfabriek this weekend was the Live Earth. The entertainment was mediocre, but it was nice to lie in the sun and listen to music. Not so helpful for the Dutch, because in fact they already tend to use energy saving lightbulbs, and cycle or use public transport to commute, and recycle almost everything. Good for the Americans to hear though!

As for the rest, it really was hard-core dancing until the wee hours. I've discovered that even at the hippest parties a lot of DJs suck, but also that drum & bass can actually be pretty good.

Unfortunately all that partying has taken a toll. Fortunately I took the days as vacation, so I can watch TV while the cold I caught goes away. Rock on!
Tags: 5daysoff, bjork, live earth, scissor sisters

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