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OpenDocument format is teh suX11@!!!1

One complaint about Microsoft is that they use their proprietary formats to help maintain their dominance of the software industry. An example is the closed Microsoft Word document format.

The open source community has produced an alternative format, the OpenDocument format. It's an ISO standard, and anyone can use it freely.

Normally I use Writer to edit documents. But I decided to try KWord from KOffice, since it is much faster, and... why not? I like to use new stuff. :)

But KWord can't export to PDF (it can use KDE's "print to PDF" option, but my printing is kind of broken when I'm not at home). So I saved in OpenDocument format, and imported into Writer. No love - the formatting is totally broken! I tried to load into AbiWord, but it doesn't understand OpenDocument format at all.

In the end, I saved it as Microsoft Word document - which all 3 programs load and save more-or-less accurately.
Tags: abiword, kword, open document format, openoffice

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