shane_kerr (shane_kerr) wrote,

Weekend Oddities

A few things from the weekend...

Judy and I were cycling back from some shopping on Saturday, when we came across a film set on one of the bridges. It turns out they are filming a new Anne Frank movie, and since her house is in the neighborhood they are doing some shots in the city. The really weird thing is that they had fake rain machines - hardly necessary in Amsterdam in November! ;)

Went to the Mika concert with Judy, Nathalie, and Wietse on Sunday night - fantastic! Best... concert... EVER!

After Mika we stopped in for a drink at Cafe de Prins since it was on the way home for all of us. There was a strange poet there, with tattoos on his face. He tried to sell us his book, but I wasn't that interested. Wietse spent a while talking to him; I think he may end up writing a story for the newspaper he works for.
Tags: amsterdam, anne frank, tattoo

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